My Availability:

  • Vehicle Availability

You can join us even if you have only one vehicle but the more vehicles you have on our system, the more jobs you will receive. You can set your vehicle fleet by using your altCABS dashboard. 

  • Minimum Notice Period

Minimum Notice Period shows the minimum amount of notice you will receive before the pickup time for any local job. For non-local jobs, we will add your notice period to the journey time. 

You can’t change the Minimum Notice Period by using the dashboard however you can send us an email if you want any change.

  • Working hours 

You can set your working hours by using your dashboard to take jobs from altCABS. If you set your work around the clock then you will appear all day on the website to cater for bookings. If you set your working time for half of the day then you can still appear on the website but the customer has to select the pickup in between your working time otherwise the customer won’t be able to travel with you.


  • Pausing Availability

You have the opportunity to pause your availability if you have low vehicles available or you have overloaded jobs. Please note that by pausing your availability you won’t appear on the website at that particular time.