We are aware of the problem, drivers coming empty after dropping off a customer. altCABS is proposing its own, smart solution for this problem. You can engage customers by creating the ‘’Dead Mileage Discount’’. In this feature, you can set a pickup location (where your driver dropping off) and an area around it (in miles) and drop-off location (where you think your driver will be coming back to for example your office/base location) and an area around it (in miles), timing window, discount you like to offer for this empty leg. BINGO! As you will be able to do this journey cheaper than other Operator operators so it's more likely you will get a return journey for your driver because of the cheap fare for the passengers. PRICE IS KING! right? This feature will even make you extra competitive against Uber and other transportation companies. You can discount a return journey and set up days/weeks in advance. Now your drivers need not drive all the way back to base without any passengers. What’s more, you can use this feature with your own bookings, as well as altCABS bookings, so that your cars are not moving empty during the return leg of a trip. How does it work? Let’s say your driver is scheduled to drop-off passengers at Heathrow Airport next morning at 9:20 am - with the Dead Leg Discount, you can now appear for searches on altCABS within a 2-mile radius of Heathrow going towards 2 miles of a specific postcode (your base), or anywhere within 20 miles of this postcode. If you have any questions regarding Dead Leg Discount, please contact altCABS.